Firm History

Jim Johnson founded Blount Street Advisors in 2006 and Jo Anne Sanford joined the firm shortly thereafter in 2007.

Blount Street Advisors is a specialized consulting practice that serves as a link between its clients and government – state and local.  Johnson and Sanford have created a firm designed specifically to answer the needs of both for-profit and nonprofit clients who interact with the legislative or executive branch.

As Blount Street Advisors, Johnson and Sanford focus their work in a variety of practice areas, including tax and budget policy as it impacts for-profit and non-profit firms, environmental policy, utility regulation, and issues that relate to state and local government. Their skills have been honed over decades of experience working with a range of government, private and non-profit organizations.   They now employ those skills to effectively guide clients in a highly respected professional partnership. Click here to learn more about their services. 

Johnson and Sanford understand how government systems work, how balance is achieved, and how results are accomplished in full compliance with all ethical practices and requirements. Learn more about the two partners.