In an era of increased scrutiny, Blount Street Advisors operates with an ethical business philosophy at its core.  The partners are committed to maintaining their reputation as honest brokers who work diligently for clients to create persuasive, intelligent arguments and to achieve results.  This philosophy is held strongly by Blount Street Advisors’ two principals, Jim Johnson and Jo Anne Sanford. It is a core value that assures their for-profit and non-profit clients of the firm’s commitment to high standards.

Johnson and Sanford have backgrounds in many fields touching environmental affairs, sustainable development, conservation and efficiency practices, infrastructure investment, regulated industries (communications, energy and water), and  tax and budget policy issues.  Their depth and range of experience allows them to quickly assess clients’ needs and develop action plans.  Johnson and Sanford have applied their expertise and background in these categories to key practice areas. Take a minute to learn more about the firm’s areas of expertise and how Blount Street Advisors might help you.

Informed by experience and familiar with the day-to-day workings of state government, Johnson and Sanford are well positioned to be advisors and advocates for their clients. Each of Blount Street Advisors’ partners has a demonstrated history of work and a reputation for integrity that assures a client it will receive intelligent, insightful advice. Learn more about the firm’s partners.

When searching for the right team to represent your business or non-profit’s needs, be assured that Blount Street Advisors combines a depth of knowledge and a broad array of experience that few can bring to a North Carolina table.  The firm offers clear reasons why you should consider Blount Street Advisors to represent your organization’s needs.