Experience Matters

Blount Street Advisors has the experience that matters to help your organization get things done and accomplish your goals.

When a client approaches Blount Street Advisors to explore an engagement, Jim Johnson and Jo Anne Sanford spend all the time necessary to determine if the client and the firm are a good match.  They work to a clear understanding of the problem and to discuss the client’s options and preferences for a solution.  Following these discussions and if the engagement is undertaken, then a detailed plan of action is created based on the knowledge that these two have accumulated over the years.

Johnson and Sanford develop the plan with the client and then, as a team, they work together towards the best solution possible. Throughout this process, the team relies on Blount Street Advisors’ philosophy of honesty and hard work to guide the process and the results.

As you search for a firm to represent your organization, know that this small team brings not only a wealth of experience but also an extensive network of associates. Their contacts support the firm’s ability to marshal resources from a variety of places.