Blount Street Advisors is a small firm that provides a powerful, targeted and effective counsel and voice for its clients. Clients benefit enormously from three attributes of the firm: the undivided and un-conflicted focus of the partners on each client; the wealth of relevant experience contained by this unique team; and the network of colleagues and resources enjoyed by the partners and developed over decades of hard work in their fields.

The firm’s two partners, Jim Johnson and Jo Anne Sanford, have joined forces to build a firm dedicated to guiding its clients through the matrix of state government so these clients are able to accomplish their goals as quickly efficiently as possible, in compliance with all relevant rules, practices and regulations. Click here to learn more about the firm.

Throughout their careers, both Johnson and Sanford developed a wealth of knowledge and insight about how to produce positive outcomes.  As a team, they focus on a principled business philosophy that guides their firm’s work. Read more about the firm’s philosophy.