Practice Areas

Blount Street Advisors is deep in experience and knowledge of issues related to environmental regulation, efficiency and conservation policy and practice, infrastructure deployment, sustainable development, human services, education, tax and budget policy issues and regulated industries (communications, energy and water).  The firm helps clients in these arenas determine how to address problems that are impacting businesses and nonprofits.

Led by its two principals, Jim Johnson and Jo Anne Sanford, the firm of Blount Street Advisors has developed its knowledge of these issues into key practice areas. Take a few minutes to learn more about the services Blount Street Advisors can provide to your organization.

Over the last 30 years, Johnson and Sanford have in some way spent time working on the many tax issues in the state that include business and personal taxation.  Jim Johnson has a deep understanding of how revenue forecasting works, how tax policy is made and how all of this connects and impacts businesses. Sanford served on North Carolina’s former Tax Review Board, a board that addressed appeals from taxpayers with respect to their tax liability.  No other team in North Carolina better understands how the state revenues and budgets come together than does Blount Street Advisors.

Drawing on his experience as director of the Fiscal Research Division for the General Assembly and his work overseeing the preparation of the annual state budget, state revenue forecasts and all tax and finance legislation, Johnson knows the ins and outs of revenue forecasting for the state of North Carolina.

Because of his in-depth experience working daily with the state budget, Johnson has a highly developed understanding of issues like health and human services, transportation, environmental and criminal justice.

Sanford’s understanding of regulated utility industries and of their stakeholders’ interests is widely recognized and respected in North Carolina, the Southeast and nationally.  Her focus on principles and policies supporting both economic and environmental sustainability drives much of her involvement in issues and with clients, and she divides her time between her business and a range of efforts to support non-profit and public efforts in this arena.

Almost every business that operates in North Carolina is in some way impacted by the state’s environmental laws and regulations. Blount Street Advisors currently represents clients on environmental issues and is able to guide these clients through the relevant government regulatory and policy paths to help reach the right action or solution.

Finally, Blount Street Advisors recognizes that there are issues unique to non-profits, such as taxation and budgeting that require specific attention and guidance. Blount Street Advisors has several non-profit clients that have needs related to taxation and budgets. Various tax issues impact for-profit and non-profit organizations differently. It is Blount Street Advisors’ job to know these differences and guide clients through these challenges.

With so many players involved in the issues organizations encounter today, you need a firm that knows the process and has the relationships to guide you.  Blount Street Advisors is that firm. Read more about why this firm is your link to government.