Why Us – A Link to Government

If your business is confronted by a governmental action that has the potential to harm your position, you likely need help addressing that issue. Similarly, if your business opportunity can be improved by a change in law or regulation, or by better understanding the opportunities that exist for interpretation of same, then you likely need help.

Is this your situation?  If so, you need representation by a firm that understands the state, its key players and how the different agencies of government interact with each other. You need the confidence to know that the team you hire understands how to navigate government agencies and the political mine fields that are so common. You need a team that understands the ethical constraints on interaction with government, so that your advocacy is conducted clear of conflicts and costly, damaging missteps.  You need a team that knows government.

Blount Street Advisors is your link to government. The firm understands that North Carolina is the tenth largest state in the United States. It gets that the state is big geographically and enjoys the diversity that comes along with that size. The firm also understands that North Carolina is a rapidly growing state.

For your organization to do business here, you need an experienced team that can advise you on how to work with government at all levels. You need a team that is confident, can create a plan, and will execute that plan strategically.

Blount Street Advisors is the firm in North Carolina to make that happen. Jim Johnson and Jo Anne Sanford have made it their life’s work to understand how this state works, how budgets are crafted, how agencies interact and how things get done at the General Assembly.

Blount Street Advisors builds its reputation on understanding your problems and goals, fitting your goals into the context of how government works, creating a plan for you, and working with you to effectuate that plan. Contact Blount Street Advisors today about how it might help your organization in North Carolina.